What we do

InfiMer®  are revolutionary new polymers, which can serve either as replacements for, or as additives alongside, virgin or recycled polymers in the production of plastic products.  Due to its revolutionary and cost effective production process, InfiMer® are substantially cheaper than the traditional polymers and as so utilizing InfiMer® as raw materials or as fillers in the Plastic Industry, can substantially reduce the costs of the final products.  InfiMer®, which are patented materials, are made of MSW which is converted into usable products using Infimer’s patented process.

During 2017, Infimer has started commercial sales to several leading manufacturers in the plastic industry. The InfiMer® are  producted in the Compaby’s  production Line Operating in Israel Since Q1 2017.

InfiMer® are the result of extensive R&D and as such, the company has filed several patent applications.

Our Vision

To develop and manufacture thermoplastic composite matter based on viable solutions to household waste

Business Overview

This unique process is materially different from other recycling processes, in a number of aspects:InfiMer® has a very high economic value and can serve as an attractive alternative to the raw materials currently used by the plastic industry.

No need to sort the waste before introducing it into the process, thus saving significant costs.

The production process is efficient and profitable, and does not rely on subsidies required by most other recycling technologies.

The final products can serve as a raw materials for the plastic industry, while using this industry’s existing production lines, without the need to invest in new equipment.

The process achieves a recycling rate of over 60% of all MSW.

Environmentally friendly production process

Corporate Responsibility

Infimer is committed to behaving ethically and with sensitivity to social, cultural, economic and environmental issues.

As a company that is focused on developing innovative technologies for solving environmental problems and producing green materials, Infimer complies with the most stringent environmental regulations, runs safe and clean production processes, and strives to reduce byproducts and air pollution, minimizing and treating waste water, and applying advanced technologies for bioprocessing waste materials.


Brief History of Our Company

June 2013 – Infimer Technologies was established
June 2014 – First Producation trail in Europe
September 2014 – Second production trial in Europe
March 2015 – Merger with EZ Energy, raising US $ 2.4 million
November 2015 – registration of 2 patents describing the process of preparing InfiMer® and to the InfiMer® produced thereby
January 2016 – Constructing a First production line facility in Israel (o.5 ton/hour)
Q1/2017 –Operating a first production Line in Israel and Starting commercial sales to several leading manufacturers in the plastic industry